*Transport and Infrastructure

-Roads, Highways and SuperHighways

- Bridges and Tunnels

- Railroads and Fast Track

- Subway Construction

- Construct Airports, Runway and Ramp

- Construct a dam


*Electricity, Energy and
Comminication Station

- Power Grid

- Electricity Grid and Power Plant

- K.Ö.K İnşaas Electric equipment and
(AG+YG) Electrification Services

- Global Telephone Network



*Building, House and
Plant Projects

-  Community Buildings

- Construct a Prison

- Construct Schools and Hospitals

- Construct Residence

- Infrastructure and Superstructure works

- House Construction

- Shopping Center Construction

* Manufacturing

- Construct Plent Mix Base

- Crusher Material Production

- B.S.K Production and application

- Concrete Production and Concrete